Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One More Reason to Grow Much of Your Own Food

Granted, home production of grain is not feasible, but we can grow other carbs. Here in Tampa the true yams (Dioscorea species) and Sweet Potatoes (Ipomaea species) and Cassava grow easily for year round carbs crops. In colder climates one can grow lots of potatoes, sunchokes, winter squash, apples (for drying), fava beans, bantam corn ( for drying), and other starchy crops. Despite the fact that astronomers have confirmed that for the last 20 years the sun has been at a low ebb of energy output, and that for 200 years human have been pumping methane and CO2 into the atmosphere in massive amounts, some folks still insist that "man can't possibly affect something as big as global climate". But the Earth is a giant petri dish, and we are swarming all over the "nutrient medium"....which is finite. My favorite seed sources include:



  1. Hey john! This coming year I'm growing a grain called amaranth. you can produce a good amount in just a 10 X 10 bed. i read about it in the book homegrown whole grains. just thought you'd like to know!!!

    ~ organic-momma

  2. oh and are you selling and tubers to the yams or sweet potatoes? thanks!

  3. Good for you to be growing grain amaranth like I grew in Denver in the in Tampa I just grow the Asian types for their leaves. Where do you live?

    Yes I sell African Yellow Yams and Filipino Purple Ube Yams. John

  4. I'm in north tampa! Not to far from you! I'm building my own chicken coop and brooder box now. Making a wine bottle garden border and would love some yam tubers how much do you sell them for?? I got the heat humid loving golden amaranth which can produce 1lb of seed per grain head! : ) thanks john!

  5. My African Yellow Yams are $5 apiece in 1 gallon pots, I have one Filipino Purple Ube in a 3 gallon pot for $20 (VERY rare). I'd love to trade a pack of seeds I have you'd like for some of that amaranth! John

  6. Yea john sounds great! My email is or my blog is

    Ill email you this weekend! And I think I would like a yellow yam! That catus that you eat... can it be started from a pad cutting??? If so I would really like one!!!