Monday, August 16, 2010

Posts I made at a cars forum about Velvet Beans on my birthday

"God bless you good sir... enjoy your birthday, then get back to living the life. With your diet and lifestyle, I'd say you're just about reaching middle age."

Thanks! Some women friends were convinced I color my hair, but I've been growing and eating Velvet Bean (Mucuna pruriens) for 6 years now. Used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as an adaptogen and potent aphrodisiac (it WORKS, big time, and I one horny little bugger to begin with.....expensive in capsule form, but being from tropical India the vines THRIVE in Tampa summers, giving me hundreds of the pods each fall I cook and freeze). Studies show that eating some daily for 3 weeks, then none for 3 weeks, back and forth, due to its high content of L-dopa, triggers the pituitary gland to make more Human Growth Hormone, delaying graying of hair and adding lean muscle mass. Well I still don't have pecs like I like seeing on other guys, but at 57 I have zero gray hair. Would be cool if none at 60! A great guy I am seeing is 45 and is trying it for both the hair AND the aphrodisiac effects. (don't worry.....I won't be sharing the outcome of the latter!)Woo hoo! I gave him a nice stash of cooked pods from my freezer to eat like edamame soybeans since it would be in my best interest too if the "effect" kicks in. We're growing some in his yard now too.It is being grown commercially now to treat Restless Leg Syndrome and Parkinson's as it is the world's richest source of natural L-dopa. I now sell seeds and plants of it to boost the income from my little cottage business. The wild kind has orange stinging hairs on the pods....I grow the non-stinging food grade form sold by the good folks at here in Florida where I got my first seeds. Great Christian permaculture organization.

"Happy Birthday John, And please keep on treating us to those 'herbal tips" I am not too far from you . . . I am going to look into those Velvet Beans right now.Funny, its your birthday and you gave us a gift . . . thank you"

You are welcome...once a gardening nerd, always one! WAY too late to plant them now.....wait until next April/May. The vines are rampant...the guy I am seeing stumbled on a pic of my henhouse consumed by them by Googling "Velvet Bean". Many people with Restless Leg Syndrome react badly to the artificial dopa compounds but not those in Fava Beans (quite low content) or Velvet Beans. You get a hyper-aphrodisiac effect by cycling the Velvet Beans and taking another Ayurvedic herb 'Ashwagandha' (Withania somniferum)....a few years ago I confirmed that accidentally by growing Ashwagandha and eating 3 leaves daily due to the ginseng-like compounds called withalamines. Within a few weeks I noticed I was feeling the overriding need to, shall we say, take matters into my own hands 3-7 times a day!! Fun as hell to be sure but I had chores to do, weeds to pull, plus was feeling controlled by my sex drive. So I dropped the ashwagandha. You can get capsules for both at GNC or on-line.I have a fairly older friend with severe long term diabetes, and his otherwise great multi-decade marriage to his wife had been sexless for many years. He bought JUST the ashwagandha capsules, did not even get the velvet a few weeks they were enjoying carnal pleasure weekly! The last time they attended one of my potlucks they had that "newlywed glow"....was cute as hell to see in a couple in their mid 60s! The plant grows in arid Afghanistan and similar regions in alkaline soil so here I grow it in pots I can move when it rains. You can buy ashwaganda seeds from an awesome company....

Just remember though...3-7 times daily happened to me with the two, which I learned that year is THE Ayurvedic aphrodisiac for both sexes. Good thing I've been taking zinc for 25 years as we men lose some each time we "arrive".



  1. I shared this due to getting MANY phone calls and e-mails about this matter after mentioning both plants on a radio call-in program. Many folks, me included, find human sexuality a thing of joy to celebrate vs. a taboo topic, and lament its loss due to health issues. These plants have helped a vast many people in that regard for many centuries now, hence my sharing my and other people's subjective experiences with both. John

  2. Happy Birthday John
    I was sorry we werent able to visit on my last trip to Tampa. I didnt realize that you had to cook the velvet beans before eating them. How many do you take a day? Enjoy your Birthday--Eddie

  3. You don't have to cook them but they taste better, much like a good lima bean. I eat 4-6 daily during the 3 week cycle. Thanks! They can be a blessing for both sexes having libido problems vs. taking drugs like Viagra. Plus they offer those other benefits like fat loss and delayed graying of hair. John