Thursday, October 23, 2014

If none of the 4-5 Creole garlics I am trialing here set bulbs I'll be curious if it is due to my security lights and that of my neighbors plus two street lights as I gather that day length is the issue with alliums failing to bulb in Florida. A few of the folks I shared cloves with live in rural areas where I'm guessing there may be less light pollution. I guess we'll know by late next spring. I purchased the 4 in the pic from a family garlic farm out West, plus last July bought at Publix a garlic with purplish paper imported from Mexico...I call it "Publix Purple" and cloves are now planted along the outside rim of the baby pool garden that is home to my Allium canadense for several years now. "Cuban Purple" is now up and growing in another baby pool garden.

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