Thursday, October 2, 2014

After previous failed efforts to grow Magenta Spreen Goosefoot here in Tampa, I finally have success from one seedling in a Water Wise Container Garden made from a scavenged plastic tray. I got the seeds at ROOTS in St. Pete....just one seedling came up, and it sulked until I started peeing on the soil a few times per month, then it took off. Here it is next to a 4 foot ruler on October 1. It is high in oxalates so I eat the leaves only after a few minutes of boiling....very mild and tender, similar to spinach. I'm expecting a kagillion seeds from this plant. In Denver so many Chenopods thrive in the wild, plus in my gardens there the related DELICIOUS 'Golden Orach' utterly thrived....I just might try 'Golden Orach' a third time in Tampa after this success with Magenta Spreen.

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