Monday, October 27, 2014

For the umpteenth time, every single freakin' trash tree in my long southeast bed in back has been cut down to a stub. Now that the vast number of trees they suckered from in the lot east of me has (apparently) been removed, I'd reluctantly made peace with using a topical application of RoundUp on the inevitable regrowth from the stubs. But before I make that huge compromise of my values I'm trying something that occurred to me.....make a STRONG solution of potassium chloride (40 lb. bags at Lowe's water softener dept.....I buy torn marked down bags to give to my bananas) and spray it on the new growth since it is a true salt. If that fails, I'll try putting a few cups of the granules on each stub to leach down to the root zone. I've been fighting these suckers from that east lot since 1998 and I want them GONE!

The lot east of me is now cleared of that FOREST of trash trees!

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