Thursday, July 24, 2014

The house east of me, empty for the better part of four years, is being demolished as I type. And a few folks have expressed concern that whoever builds the new house ( a retiring carpenter and his wife I am told) might turn me in to code for my productive but messy and weird yard...we shall see. But years ago when a then-wealthy Vietnamese family built the giant yellow house across the street, I and others worried they might be code nightmare folks...but they were a delight, teaching me herbal remedies, giving me fruit from the Mustang Flea Market, and they loved my fresh eggs and veggies. He lost his salon nails fortune after the meltdown and walked on a 2.1 million dollar mortgage, stripped the house. Then a wealthy guy with a ranch in Texas and very nice home in Palma Ceia about half a mile north of me bought it "cheap", refurbished it and moved in...great neighbors! But they decided it was too much house for two people, sold it and kept the Tampa house. Then Don and Suri bought it as a retirement home after many years in Indiana....also very well off, sold all their northern properties. Wonderful neighbors who feed me, invite me to parties, came to my Wacky Hat Party 60th birthday party last year, and are "hippie-fying" their yard. All the lawn out back is now food gardens...very few ornamentals aside from a "Barfield White Climber" rose I gave her. They are now slowly phasing out lawn area out front and planting many mangos, avocados, papayas and last summer grew watermelons in the middle of the front lawn to create a food forest! She is from Thailand and is RELISHING what she can grow here. I "came out" all three times as I have much of my life when asked if I had a wife, and shared that I enjoy cannabis in the problem. Big lesson to me to not see "rich people" as stuffy anal meddlers!

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