Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kip Curtis told me at Tanja's that folks, like me, had been confused about the original Edible Peace Patch and the Faith House, both in St. Pete...from new links on FB I now see why I was confused anew...the new community garden forming near the old Wooden Nickel that I did a mini-consult for IS different from an established community garden elsewhere in Temple Terrace. But both are now under the auspices of Kip's new The Edible Education Project, as is the new one at Greco Middle School. I remember when years ago I gave a talk about my Kiddy Pool Gardens to what was to become the Seminole Heights Community Garden there were none in the cool to see SO MUCH interest and activism in the area! Next I want to visit Will Carey's Sustainable Living Project across from Lowry Zoo and Jon and Natalia's Eden Project in Ybor.

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