Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Testing Multiplying/ possibly Perennial Onions

By drilling the drainage holes on the sides about three inches from the bottom of this scavenged plastic tray I turned it into a Water Wise Container Garden. I put about three inches of rich soil from the chicken scratch path on the bottom, covered that with a few inches of sugar sand dug from a deep pit I buried a 55 gallon Water Wise Container Garden in to suppress weed seeds in that soil, planted both types of onions, used a strip of mini-blind to divide the garden into two halves, labelled each, then covered it all with a couple inches of well aged wood mulch.

In the front half are one dozen individual bulbs I got by breaking up two clusters of the white Potato Onions I bought from a Texas grower, and in back I planted twelve of those odd little white onions I scavenged a couple of weeks ago from the trash of an open air produce market on east Hillsborough Avenue. I have two goals: see if the Potato Onion mini bulbs make whole new clumps from each, and to see what the scavenged onions turn out to be.....I suspect either a Potato Onion type or maybe a perennial (here in Tampa) onion. The reason for the crate? To keep my cat Angel from NAPPING on it...she LOVES to sleep on newly planted container gardens!!!

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