Saturday, August 18, 2012

Down on the farm

I love a rainy day....1.75 inches of rain so far....excellent germination already of a sowing of a Mystery Brassica three days ago in a back porch Baby Pool Water Wise Container Garden. The experimental mid-July sowing of arugula seeds in a large Restricted Drainage Container Garden made from a tree pot will love this soaking, so tomorrow I will treat them to a drench of fish emulsion in rainwater with a light touch of feed grade urea dissolved in as cooler temps are behind this first "cold" front of autumn. Three ducklings are cozy beneath their Momma beneath the rain shelter, she cheeping away when  I walk past.

Replacing the two strips of shiny mylar emergency blankets has put a complete stop to birds stealing all my Jamaican Cherries, and a similar effort is letting me enjoy fresh raw "Gray Street Grapes" daily.

How odd....I've never seen this before...both my 'Triumph' muscadine grape, and my Surinam Cherry, are RE-blooming and setting a second crop of fruits!!

The rain forecast for the next few days looks promisingly soggy!

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