Thursday, August 9, 2012

I am very happy....7 oz. ended up being $13 after shipping, roughly half of that the shipping. I'd thought maybe 6-8 mature bulbs...instead I got 26 bulblet clusters!! See the pic. After obsessing quite a bit on "Potato Onions" (a form of shallot that seems to come in white, yellow and reddish) I suspect they are like onions and garlic up north....the green tops are NOT year round....when they yellow and die back you dig up the bulbs to use and store some for replanting. I suspect that if left in the ground like the three other perennial onions I grow they'd rot in summer.

I am hopeful that my readers in varying regions will order from these folks plus other colored ones from other sources and keep me posted how they do for you, especially if you garden in Florida where alliums can be tricky due to day length and other issues.


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