Friday, August 24, 2012

I just got a call from Mary offering me a live Pekin duck ready to kill and eat; I declined as I've yet to man up enough for my first Muscovy slaughter....she and her hubby raise all manner of birds for meat even though she is involved with sea bird rescue. we spoke she asked me about an "edible hibiscus" the duck owner gave her to eat raw and that she feeds ALL her poultry, including meat pigeons...even though she has no molars it was easy to chew and NOT lemony. I Googled as we spoke and feel 99% certain it is one of the hard to get kenafs that DON'T look like cannabis. I told her it is an annual that should set seeds this fall. I hope she scores some!!! Now I will Google kenaf seeds for sale to see if I can find this broadleaf strain. I've eaten the cannabis look alike types and they can be tougher than many people would like. The broad leaf types can be 20% protein! After some Googling my best first guess is the strain Everglades 41, possibly Whitten or Dowling, am trying to track down seeds. I hope she goes back this fall and gets seeds from this duck raising woman. Mary said she's never seen Pekin ducks that looked so vibrantly healthy, including shiny feathers which she's never seen. I am psyched and will keep you all posted!

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