Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Successful Organic Winter Salads, Herbs and Veggies Growing Class

The cool winter temps are here, and a fall and winter veggie garden is by far the best confidence builder for a beginning gardener due to frost hardy crops that LOVE the cold, and the scarcity of bug and disease problems during the cool season. Learn how to choose your garden site, and employing probiotic soil healing and creation methods that do wonders to encourage lush growth in your cool season crops while greatly discouraging disease and pest issues, techniques useful year round that I shared for eight years in The St. Pete Times and still do in 'Florida Gardening' magazine. Even better is the low cost of this approach so that growing a garden really DOES cut your food bill. You will receive a handout with a long list of frost hardy, cool season veggies so you can seek them out now and store them in your fridge (not freezer) until planting time for excellent germination for kids and adults who could use some confidence building as gardeners. You will also receive two packets of very rare winter vegetable seeds to help insure success and abundance in your garden. The cost is $25 per student, or $20 each in groups of four to ease my limited parking. I am teaching this well-received class twice more in January, on the 16th and the 23rd, from 11AM until 1 PM, with a half hour Q & A session after. Please bring a note pad and pen as students tell me my classes are very information dense. The address is: 3212 West Paxton Avenue, Tampa FL 33611 and my phone is 813 839 0881 if you have any questions. E-mail is: The winter garden is by far the easiest and most productive for beginning gardeners, and is the best way to boost your gardening confidence, and now is the time to create the foundation for abundant success! Happy Gardening John Starnes

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