Monday, December 7, 2009

home poultry raising for meat and eggs

Thanks to one of my students giving me an incubator oddly left on her porch the year prior, I can now hatch my own chicks since I have a rooster I have trained to crow little in midday and who spends each night until 10:30 the next morning in a covered dog carrier in the shed to avoid waking the neighbors. He is an Americauana and his having boinked a Barred Rock and Buff Orpingtons is resulting in some beautiful hybrids. This also led to a "chicken" turning out to be a rooster that began to crow and thus forced me to finally "meet my meat" as I vowed to 12 years ago when I went back to being an omnivore as I am simply a sickly vegetarian. Despite months of asking people how they did it and watching YouTube videos of people killing roosters it was surprisingly intense as I chopped off its head on a stump with a machete. But I killed and prepared that bird I'd raised from the egg with gratitude and ate that meal with reverence by candle light that night.....I will share pics of that process soon.

But here are pics of eggs in the incubator, baby chicks, and adult chickens that live a grand free range existence here and do wonders to control weeds and pests and to boost the fertility of my soil.


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