Sunday, December 6, 2009

howdy from Tampa

Well, after years of people telling me I needed a website or to start writing books, I today dipped my toe into blogging after my dear friend photographer/artist Michael Mowry visiting from Denver reinforced that suggestion and gave me some pointers on getting started and how to generate income from a blog to augment that from my free lance garden writing and plant sales. From 1987 to 1997 I self published 'The Garden Doctor', a quarterly handcrafted, hand-colored newsletter with free seeds in every issue, and folks familiar with and fond of it tell me that it way back then was promoting what is now called "living green" and urban farmsteading, and that I should revisit it and scan those old issues and share them on-line for folks hungry for ideas, upbeat humor, touches of philosophy and politics and its inherent optimism. So here goes.

I think this will be fun for me as I love immersing myself in creative ventures, and sharing with others things that give me joy while helping me to prosper in life. I look forward to seeing what options I have here as regards posting various photos, video clips, links, essays and progress reports on my south Tampa urban farm and home-as-art project.

Please feel free to tell me what you'd enjoy seeing this blog provide you in the way of concrete ideas and suggestions you could employ in your own increasingly productive yard, and how you grow and cook and serve your bounty, and if you like the idea of my scanning pages from those old 'The Garden Doctor' issues. I don't really know what I am doing quite yet as regards blogging despite years of compulsive sharing via countless BCC e-mails, but I feel confident and excited about Michael getting me to finally dip my toe in the water!

happy gardening!

John Starnes

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  1. Dear John,
    You can also include my method of making easy hand cream from Organic olive oil and Beeswax pus using any herb that one grows - the recipe was printed in the newsletter - please use it if you want Penny