Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frogs as garden pest control allies

When I was a kid in Michigan, and a teen in Tampa, I saw plenty of leopard frogs.....but sadly they seem in decline all over the US. I had one appear this year in my yard in a pond for the first time in years. But many if not all species of North American frogs are not only BIG eaters of bugs, they are very sensitive to pesticides.....for the 19 years I was an organic landscaper I very often noticed their stark absence in toxic yards. Here in Tampa we are supposed to catch and freeze to death any Cuban tree frogs as they have helped to badly wipe out our native green tree frog ( see pics) I grew up with. But I don't for a few reasons.....they do a GREAT job of eating pest bugs, VERY VERY few Floridians do this, and, as a subscriber to the Punctuated Equilibrium aspect of Darwinian evolution, I feel that ecologies shift naturally over time. Were that not the case, trilobites would still dominate the planet, with neither dinosaurs or humans having evolved to fill and create ecological niches. I love the evening songs of the various frogs living in my south Tampa yard, especially on a rainy summer night....pure "Florida". I hope you enjoy these photos of various frogs I've taken in my and other Tampa yards. John


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