Friday, March 18, 2016

This plant of Malva sylvestris thriving in my front northeast bed is a seedling of MANY seedlings (that all failed here) dating all the way back to 2002 when I moved here full time from Denver. Many hundreds of seedlings stored from my Denver yard would germinate here year after year, both summer and winter, but then died quite young. Then several years ago ONE grew in a front bed, bloomed, set seeds which THEN started self sowing here in Tampa. In Denver this plant would be the LAST plant each year to succumb to many snowfalls....VERY cold hardy there both in spring and summer. Even two feet of snow would not kill it until winter really set in. For a few years at ScienceDaily I've seen articles about some plants evolving in ONE generation from RNA, vs. the usual DNA. So I wonder if that one original seedling that DID adapt to Tampa benefited from RNA evolution here it being very happy here. I love the flowers raw in salads, the leaves lightly cooked.

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