Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My friend Craig Hepworth and my old gardening student Pete Kanaris are studying and collecting large fruited, bred, named varieties of Loquats. These fruits are huge and flavorful. Both men are very knowledgeable and Pete will be a guest on WMNF's 'Sustainable Living' show. Jon Butts and Pete both invited me to join Pete on the show, but my knowledge of fruits is very limited and declined to be on. Craig is also breeding in a green house a very dwarf large fruited papaya! Travis Moorehead is leading the new Loquats festival and hopes to join about 25 of us gardeners for dinner this Friday at 7 PM at south Tampa's 'Jasmine Thai and Sushi' house at 3333 South Westshore...he is planning on bringing some loquats for a nearby friend whose not tasted one in 40 years! The pic with two loquats is from Pete, showing the usual seedling fruit compared to a named hybrid. The other pic is a cluster of named Loquats in Craig's hand.

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