Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dark cars like my black Honda show light colored pollen from the oak trees has begun to be shed....those of us, or our dogs, who are so sensitive to oak pollen, can try 'Magic 8' Herbal Tea from down town Tampa's Oceanic Market. I'm immune but my last two dogs and many people benefit from just two tea bags per week! The box shows quite a list of herbs, but surprisingly none contain compounds like ephedra which is in Mormon Tea. In a month the oak pollen in south Tampa gets so heavy I can write my name on my car by dragging a finger through the thick layer of the pale yellow dust. I don't know if this tea works for allergies in other parts of the U.S. but want to share. I was turned onto it in 2003 when I had just returned from 15 years in Colorado and had lost my immunity to oak pollen. I've been immune to it since 2004.

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