Wednesday, March 16, 2016

First baby lubbers of 2016 here in south Tampa today....rain might be coming Saturday, so I put a heaping teaspoon of NoloBait in a jar lid next to the brassicas to lure them. So nice that one use of NoloBait eleven years ago gave me almost total control of lubbers here. I discovered NoloBait in Denver in the 90s when the state succumbed to a huge invasion of locusts. VERY effective! I keep mine in the fridge to keep the protozoa alive as they will die quickly in a hot shed. Chinese mustard today gets a nice quick boil with sea salt, one strip of bacon, coconut oil and water, then served with Bragg's apple cider vinegar. But I ended up boiling two strips of bacon, two cloves of garlic, two drops of hot sauce and pink Himalayan salt for twenty minutes BEFORE I added the rinsed chopped mustard. It was perfect! This variety is called Wong Bok and I've been growing it for about a dozen years.

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