Monday, September 1, 2014

My perennial alliums for Florida obsession unexpectedly got a boost today.....I went to south Tampa's wonderful Vietnamese owned DoBond Market where I buy my 'Lila' taro tubers to grow in summer to get some culinary and galangal ginger to grow....scored. Then I spotted these bags of "shallots"...after a LOT of research and obsessing the last couple of years I THINK that regular shallots are taller than wide (that is what I see in every grocery store) and are grown all over as an annual from seeds....."Potato Onions" are actually a sub-species of shallot that are wider than tall and in the right climate and conditions multiply under ground as a perennial. For the first time ever I saw "shallots" wider than tall so I bought a bag to sow in stages this fall once we cool down a bit. EVERY bulb in the mesh bag is wider than tall...have I FINALLY scored "red potato onions"?! Bag says 'Product of China'.

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