Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I know folks who rely a lot on smoothies, but my zero sweet tooth makes them challenging, especially chocolate ones. But this new type based on pineapple juice and green peeled papaya, with several Vitamin C tabs tossed in for added nutrition and extra tangyness, has great flavor and texture. Since it takes me three days to drink my largest Ninja blender full, I wonder if the bromelain and papain enzymes pre-digest the soy protein? I add zinc, iodine, moringa leaves, turmeric powder, food grade DE, L-arginine, strong kombucha tea, dry oatmeal, chia seeds and other nutrient sources to make these smoothies very nutritionally dense. Some of us have lots of green papayas now, so I want to share this use along with using it raw in salads or to make kimchi, or added to soups and stir fry.

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