Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Visitors here soon won't recognize the pond/potted plants garden right outside my office...99.999% of that damned Boston fern is gone, three more BIG containers for roses are now in place, edging completely redone and pulled 3 feet closer to the house so someone can park behind me in the driveway, pulled up tons of Florida Pellitory, fed it to the chickens then covered the whole area with 15 inches of oak leaves that Al Steenson, our civic association president dropped off many bags of recently. Next a bunch of glads bulbs and nasturtium seeds go into the current roses pots. Looks to be room to tuck good sized pots in between the roses for red pentas, Salvia guaranitica. When I think of JUST how much STUFF I've given away, recycled, set out on the curb, plus thrown away this last year, and when I see JUST how more I have to go, it is clear that I'd become a pack rat dumpster diving hoarder! The amount of CRAP in the backyard remaining is daunting but I look forward to seeing it gone/re-organized. Good thing I get along great with all my neighbors else I'd have been turned into Code ages ago! Good thing I stopped dumpster diving for THINGS almost 2 years ago! But I DO have a new dumpster resource...a neighborhood pet store tosses out BIG bags of pine shavings loaded with urine and teensy turds.....gerbils? Hamsters? It is great for planting roses and making soil mixes.

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