Monday, February 3, 2014

As I'd hoped, the nasturtiums are pushing up through the thick layer of chop-and-drop rose canes from when I hard pruned my monster 'Teasing Georgia' climbing rose. Soon the approx. 80 glad bulbs in that bed should emerge. The rose canes were VERY thorny and I had ZERO desire to drag them to the back yard. Plus the soil is getting sandy in that bed and I need to routinely add lignin and humus formers....I scattered all over it one 25 lb. bag of cheap unscented Publix cat litter, just $2.99, to add clay to the sand/mulch layer. By mid March this garden should be stunning! About two weeks ago I gave the rose about 4 gallons of a potent "nutrient soup" made from dried chicken poop, fish emulsion, trace elements, dolomite and animal feed grade urea that I let brew about 3 weeks...there is already a LOT of new growth emerging from the very hard pruned remaining canes.

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