Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunchokes: I grew these in vast quantities along my north back fence in my Denver yard for 14 years, a perennial sunflower whose tubers raw are crunchy and remind me of a mix of almond, water chestnut or jicama and a FAINT trace of coconut. The main carb is inulin vs. starch so low calorie and good for diabetics. I'm not wild about them cooked but love them chilled in water in the fridge overnight then eaten raw. I grew them along my back west fence here until the drought kicked in. One of my students gave me a few tubers and they are doing well in a large early prototype of my Water Wise Container Gardens even though I often forget to water it. If all goes well, late this fall I'll have a big harvest to eat plus share for friends to grow. I don't know what strain this is but Chris says the guy who grows it way out in cold rural Plant City (I think) gets 25 POUNDS of tuber per plant annually!


  1. I <3 sunchokes and have been looking for tubers to start here

  2. Try the produce section of a health food store as mail order they are very pricey. They are much happier in a northern climate but can do okay here.