Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Hot Pepper and Okra Summer

I'm growing MUCH more of both this year, with "Fife Creek" okra thriving in a Baby Pool Garden and other forms of Water Wise Container Gardens to enjoy both raw and fried, unbattered but in quantity. I now have three "Filipino Mexican Tree Pepper" plants growing in 18 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens, and one plant of the Mystery Pepper that came up in large numbers when Mary Jo sprinkled a jar of Dollar Tree hot pepper flakes on a container garden to deter squirrels. It makes pods that are about 3.5 inches long, somewhat sinewy in shape, and when eaten green (no ripe ones yet) remind me of a mix of cayenne and Thai Hot Peppers are regards both heat and flavor.

Woo hoo! Due to leaving dry laundry on my clothesline I just induced a brief light rain here in parched south Tampa! It's now inside re-drying......maybe I should wash a new load?!

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