Monday, May 7, 2012

My Favorite Collards By Far!

I am SO thankful to my student this spring who gave me a partial Home Depot pack of seedlings of a collard I'd never heard of nor grown. Remarkably vigorous growth, low semi-heading growth, VERY mild sweet crunchy cabbagey flavor, very little bitterness, tender texture in both the leaves and the stems. I just blanched a big batch of chopped leaves and stems and once they are cool I am freezing them for summer use. I plan on buying a big pack of the seeds to share with friends. Far better than ANY collard I have ever grown. I am growing LOTS of it this fall and winter in part to be able to supply large amounts to south Tampa's wonderful Wimauma Restaurant on south MacDill. I never thought I'd go mental over a collard! See its breeding lineage would be fascinating as it to me it almost more of a cabbage than a collard. I feed the lower older leaves to the chickens who scarf them up.

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