Monday, January 16, 2012

Home Made Cheeses

I've now tasted two batches of cheese I made using curds made from dairy kefir grains strained overnight in a clean pillowcase then pressed for two days before aging in the fridge a few months. One I salted the curds before pressing...its taste and texture remind me of a smooth textured feta. The other was not salted and I tasted it yesterday before wrapping it deeply in clean fabric that will let it breathe while aging is a few weeks old and the taste reminded me of Brie with a touch of Limburger. Both are yummy already despite being young cheeses. I am fermenting a new batch this week, will likely salt it lightly and maybe inoculate it with a bit of Limburger. I am skipping the usual 130 heating of the fermented milk as I want to preserve all the beneficial critters. I once again will try to barter for expired milk from stores to make the cheeses virtually free.

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