Monday, February 21, 2011

Thanks for the kind words Tom at Barefoot Gardeners! John

Last night I stopped by John Starnes place for the first time - and I

have never seen a more remarkable demonstration of sustainability and
sufficiency in one tiny urban location like he has created. My only
regret was that it was in the evening with limited light and in the
midst of his Wacky Hat party, a social occasion, limited opportunity to
even begin to absorb all he has there. Even so, John is a non-stop fount
of information about plants, environments, his eclectic synthesis of
resources and approaches to living .. There is no mistaking his intense
focus and application of so many things that reflect the effortlessness
of living with respect and awareness and cooperation with nature.

At one point I was talking about coming back for his classes and someone
commented asking, "Oh so far (from Plant City) just for a class?" I
gotta tell ya, an opportunity to learn from John is not going to be
*just any class * ..

My hat is off to you John - I ain't stroking you, I'm just holding up
your example of what is so important for us fulfilling our lives with
balance, understanding nature.

I'll be back!


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