Thursday, February 17, 2011

Organic Landscaping and Urban Farmsteading Consultations $145

Tired of your vegetable and ornamental gardens and landscapes failing to thrive? Looking to add color and get away from chemical-based yard care? Organic gardening columnist John Starnes ('Florida Gardening' magazine, 'Heirloom Gardener', 'Sunset Magazine', 'Colorado Gardener', 'The Rocky Mountain News', 'Sustainable Rose Gardening', 'The St. Pete Times') continues to offer wide ranging consultations that address ongoing problems in landscapes, and that also explore untapped potentials. For 19 years John nurtured many bay area and Colorado landscapes with his one man business THE GARDEN DOCTOR . Special focuses include Water Wise Container Gardening, reducing landscape water use, curing lawn problems, choosing plants that can survive Tampa's toxic-to-plants reclaimed water, incorporating low-care Old Roses into gardens for color and fragrance, growing much of one's own food in the landscape and without pesticides by relying on both annual and perennial crops, creating or rectifying no-filter low-care goldfish ponds, plus special concerns one might have such as growing colorful plants in shady or soggy areas, backyard poultry raising and more. About 2-3 hours is required, as is note-taking by the client to enhance those I will provide. Where needed, I will create quick sketches to demonstrate possible garden design options to consider implementing. The $145 price has remained the same for 13 years now, but a travel charge to areas outside of Tampa is possible.

Please feel free to contact me with questions you might have about this service.

Thank you and happy gardening! John Starnes

813 839 0881

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