Sunday, February 13, 2011

Barter with my local blog readers

I've had no luck finding some steel saucepans at local Goodwill type stores so if any of my local blog readers are upgrading their cooking ware I'd love to barter plants and seeds for a few large steel saucepans and/or a steel wok. I do tons of cooking for me and friends and a few large steel saucepans would be helpful.

Also, if you are a south Tampa person tired of taking your bagged leaves to the Manhattan Brush Dump where you have to open and empty each and every bag, feel free to drop them off in my driveway as I use 200-300 bags annually as a crucial part of my ongoing sheet composting effort that over the years has done wonders to transform my original sandy soil.  I especially covet maple leaves for making "leaf mould" for potting. My address is:

3212 West Paxton Avenue  Tampa FL 33611

Thanks in advance!   John

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