Monday, February 14, 2011

Mirror Floor Update

I've wanted a mirror floor since I was an HCC art major in 1977 and rented a home with a fireplace and imagined the ambience such a floor would add. Thankfully, years ago in my last house I can totally trip out I made that dream come true with recycled mirror by taking the advice of a famous mirror company in north Tampa and covering the back of each mirror with contact paper before laying it on the 50s era linoleum floor atop a concrete slad......this adds great tensile strength to each mirror panel and very much delays cracking. Plus it holds shards together if and when cracking occurs. Some visitors enjoy seeing the progress of the crackle patterns, which remind me of raku glazes on a room-sized scale. But that first mirror floor was largely composed of quite small panels connected at their edges with metal duct tape. But I am now pulling up that first effort and laying down MUCH bigger and more numerous thick mirrors I've been accumulating for years now. Plus yesterday Mary Jo brought me long mirror strips that could serve either as "filler" between large panels that don't quite match up, or, more likely, positioned vertically in each room corner to add a new level of trippiness to my "Gay Trailer Trash on Acid Livingroom" made almost entirely from scavenged and donated items. Some weeks ago I set up in my Victorian Roses reading and workout room some of these mirror panels to help me assess the possibilities of fitting them together jig saw puzzle style on the floor. Plus I lucked out and dumpster-dived a BIG brand new roll of contact paper! On some of the mirror panel backs I am applying gray duct tape to see if that also is effective at adding tensile strength while holding shards together if breakage occurs. I am delighted to see that I have MUCH more mirror than I thought and can imagine the floor easily ending up 80% or more mirror! Here are a few pics of mirrors ready for cleaning and contact papering, plus a pic someone sent me years ago....a breathtaking environmental sculpture that art patrons ENTER....a room with 100% mirror floors, walls and ceiling, plus every object in the room is covered completely in mirror, much like an instructional poem I wrote in December 1984....see it below too. The new floor should be ready and pristinely polished in time for this Saturday's Wacky Hat Firepit Potluck Party.

                                                   koo koo ka CHOO!


                                                Interior III

                        Completely mirrorize a tiny windowless room......
                        floor, ceiling, walls.

                        Release 1,000 fireflies then

                        turn out the light.

                        Sit with a friend and watch.

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