Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wonderful Idea by One of my Blogger Readers

I have lurked "Barefoot gardener " for a long while and have read your blog with great interest.
I am amazed at your lifestyle and a bit jealous. I do try to put as many of your wonderful ideas into practice here in Dundee-land as possible.

I had a new one though that I'd love your opinion on-

I used a disposable diaper in the bottom of a flimsy black plastic pot- filled it with my potting mixture and started my papaya seeds in it. ( my trees died in the freeze) I planted the pot and all. The diaper has those little water absorbant beads like in the Miracle Grow moisture retention soil.

I did a pot without the diaper also. The diaper pot seeds have sprouted- so did the others but the diaper sprouts have stems that are twice as fat and twice as tall ! They get the same compost tea fertilizer but the growth difference is amazing.

If you were to try this , I bet you could dive some used peed in diapers free! Mine were pee free because I just couldn't bring myself to ask anyone for their peed in ones nor could I do it, but then I have a ways to go before being a self sustainable homestead.

Best wishes and thank you for all your wonderful information.


Hey thanks for your kind words and for sharing that very cool and creative technique for starting your papaya seeds!! May I post your e-mail on my urban farming blog to help others with their seeds germination issues? John

You can post away- Imagination is the limit with diapers- but any containing baby fecal matter should not be used for food crops- as I'm sure you know. The physician in me just shivers at the idea. Pee... ick, but o.k. poop- never. Thanks again for all the fantastic information.


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