Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some cool pics my Dad took, and then some....

My Dad, John Sr. , has had fun and gotten quite good with my first Olympus digital I bought (like all my cameras) years ago from that I gave him after I bought my second one. Here are pics he sent me of Iris hexagona I gave him and Mom starts of for their pond in the mid 80s, an amaryllis in their driveway garden, a native water lily I gave them a few years ago for their upper, concrete-lined pond filled by the windmill, and of some cuttings of the Old Rose 'Cramoisi Superieur' he is rooting for me from the plant I gave them quite a few years ago. Dad has also gotten quite accomplished with the Dell PC I gave him in 2003 as part of a debt payback....he even shops on-line now! I've added pics of Dad as a young sailor, him and Mom about 5 years ago with their pooches, and as young couple dating, and of Dad on his then-new riding mower.....Dad LOVES to mow his three acres of grass while Mom is prone on the couch glued to daytime TV, like 'Judge Judy' and 'Divorce Court' and from when I took us down to Key West some years back to try and find his old Navy base (gone), the apartment on Catherine street I was a baby in, and to see his sister Ola Mae on Big Pine Key. I like the shot of him in the hat I took in the courtyard at the Hemminway House.

Enjoy, John

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