Monday, May 10, 2010


My wonderful sweet old dog Sweety is now in the hospital with kidney failure after a very rough month of an arthritis flare up and an even worse spell with the hip dysplasia she had even as a puppy in Denver. With tears in her eyes the vet told me there is maybe a 25%-30% chance that Sweety will pull through. But I will not prolong her suffering needlessly as she is 13. I considered briefly putting her down today to end her suffering, but figured it was worth $615 to try a three day hospital stay. Iodine supplementation has done WONDERS for her quality of life the last 2 years by curing the hypothyroidism another vet somehow overlooked, with her skin and coat issues, lethargy, lipomas, incontinence and back legs failure completely reversed in just a couple of months. I hope I am doing right by her. I will keep you folks posted. Here is a pic of her 10 years ago. She truly IS a sweety, gentle with kids, other pets, even baby chicks. John