Saturday, May 22, 2010

Creating a healthy goldfish pond

John, I have had great success since I read your article ( March 2008 St. Pete Times ) on self-sustaining ponds ! However I am starting to see a lot of organic leafy debris on the bottom of the pond building up ! Would you recommend a pond vacuum or some kind of algae – fighting product ?
BTW I used to live in Key West too


Hi Diane

Depending on the pond liner, you can use a rake or a kitchen colander to scoop out that debris. Do you have goldfish in there to help eat the spring algae bloom? I use my hands to pull out the excess algae from the spring bloom. Did you use the hotwater cabomba plant I wrote about? It is THE best water clarifier for Florida ponds I know of. I am glad my article helped you out! John

p.s. in Denver I used the cold water aquatic plant 'Hornwort' as an EXTREMELY effective pond clarifier and oxygenator for my own pond and my landscape customers' ponds.


  1. John, do you stil have goldfish?

  2. No, birds got them, getting more soon.

  3. JOhn, I have about 12 2-3 inch goldfish. some have some koi in them, but they are just regular goldfish in my eyes. I am shutting down the tank. I come to HIllsborgouh Ave on tuesday for aq dental appointment. i wondered if you might want the fish, or trade them for some seeds or a couple hot weather starter plants. let me know.

  4. Sure! I have some plants to swap for them you might enjoy. Just let me know when. John 813 839 0881