Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This the concrete colorant that I added to 2 gallons of water in my spray tank to stain red the mulch of my carpeted driveway. $8 after tax, it is a VERY thick paste of iron oxide and water....I REALLY had to shake and pound the bottle to get some out at all, then add a touch of water and shake and pound again to get the rest out. Since this is a mineral vs. a dye I think this will last quite a while, even after rains. I looked into dyes FOR mulch but even if they had iron oxide there were tons of polymers and stuff I don't want in my soil, especially since bananas and papayas grow right next to the driveway. This was cheaper than buying "red mulch" that very often is contaminated with arsenic, nickel and chromium compounds, plus MUCH easier.

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