Monday, June 9, 2014

I've been asked about the recipe for the yellow split pea dal I brought to the Rare Fruit Council meeting yesterday, but I always just wing it when I cook vs. use recipes and measure but here is the gist: I sauteed chopped yellow onions and garlic in coconut and roasted sesame oil, added a lot of water then the yellow split peas plus sea salt, tanduri masala curry powder, several sprinkles of asa feotida, maybe two heaping tablespoons of an Indian chutney called 'kerala vadu mango', maybe 15 "Filipino Mexican Tree Peppers", simmered until the peas fell apart, then added maybe 2 cups of dry parboiled rice, simmered, let cool, stored overnight in the fridge so the flavors could meld, then the next morning added some water as it had thickened a LOT then reheated slowly before the meeting. I've used garam masala for easily 30 years but am really liking the tanduri masala I got on impulse/curiosity at Oceanic Market in downtown Tampa.


  1. I do use tandoori masala as well. I'm in love with the smell, as I open the can, and of course the taste... I buy mine at Patel on Fowler. I find that supermarket so interesting: lots of veggies, tons of spices, dry legumes... I don't recall any meat for sale, I think is mostly vegetarian...
    And oh my, as I come in the store the first thing I notice is the smell of spices... Love it!

  2. Thanks for the reminder...I've not been to that store in years!