Monday, June 23, 2014

I see what Paul Zmoda meant about that shortcoming of the "Indian Shallot" we both got from that Indian guy at the Tampa Rare Fruit Council......I did not lift them immediately for summer when the tops died back recently so yesterday fished around with my hands in that container garden and found just one bulb! I guess the rest rotted. Since the plants and bulbs are very petite and grow only in the cooler half of the year I'll likely just stick with my years old strain of Allium fistulosum that is truly perennial here, and the VERY promising "EcoFarm Replicating Onion" that I got from Jon and and Debbie Butts that grows year round and that resembles a smaller form of my A. fistulosum but that, oddly, sends up viviparous stalks.

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