Saturday, June 7, 2014

Folks here have discussed this and our many efforts before but I MAY have stumbled onto Denver years had me thinking that the hard neck garlics that have purple skin and that grow SO well there need cold weather, and that the white skinned soft neck types grown commercially in southern California prefer a mild climate. Recently I noticed that my Publix now has a BIG bin of garlic with purple skin and great flavor. When I inquired where it came from he showed me the sign saying "From Mexico". So here is my hunch....I've heard before of mild climate "Creole Garlics" that do well even in Cuba to the point that one nickname is "Cuban Purple". A little bit of Googling QUICKLY left me feeling that this Publix garlic might well be a Creole type, so I'll plant a few cloves now as a VERY long shot, then buy several bulbs and keep them in the fridge until this fall in case it is not being sold then (in Denver July was garlic harvesting month so maybe June is for Mexico?). I can't help but get excited that this MIGHT be what many of us have long wanted....a garlic that will grow and SET BULBS vs. just making tops in central Florida. But the rational part of me feels I won't know until late next spring or early summer. Fingers crossed as I just can't cook without onions and garlic!


  1. Hey John, after reading your post I went to my Publix in Brandon, and I also bought the "hopefully creole" garlic. I will also wait until maybe, late fall? to put it in the ground. Imagine if we can grow it in this area... it'll be fantastic. Thank you so much for the information, I always look forward to read your posts.