Friday, November 29, 2013

After attending another fine gardener's party at Tanja and Jared's, plus getting feed back from friends growing Gynura procumbens/nepalensis, a close relative of Okinawa Spinach, very successfully, I see why I have failed to grow it well, if at all, to date...I kept growing it in WAY too much sun! So I planted the little one she gave me, plus the HUGE one I got at YamFest at H.E.A.R.T. in Lake Wales, in two 18 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens in the back door kitchen garden beneath the avocado tree that easily doubled in size this summer after a heavy nitrogen feeding and they are THRIVING in that light shade. I like the taste and texture much better than that of Okinawa Spinach, plus it has been used for centuries for blood sugar and hypertension, the latter of which I am inclined to if I abuse salt. It roots very easily from cuttings. Some folks feel that there are two species...I have no clue, I am just glad to be finally be growing this tropical green that thrives in summer here. Thanks all for the tips!

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