Monday, August 26, 2013

Mix of chopped "Giant Green Callalloo" leaves, 'Morris Heading' collards, touch of moringa, raw onion and Chinese chives now pressed in strong brine until tomorrow morning. After it is packed into the canning jars I'll buzz in my Bullet Blender a bit of old kimchee, dried salted greenbacks, hot peppers, garlic, honey, roasted sesame oil, kombucha tea, pour over the mix of brined leaves, seal, date and let age. I am thinking adding a bit of ginger root and turmeric powder to the blender mix too. First jar to be opened New Years Day. Next batch will be based on Sweet Potato Leaves, Estrella chaya, touch of Mojito Mint. Now to shower, hit the gym then spend a few hours with Mary Jo visiting my old friend Allen Boatman at the Lavoy Exceptional Center. In views of the wonders he did with the Hort Rehab program at the Falkenburg Jail for many years I look forward to seeing what he is doing for these kids. All around great guy, brilliant horticulturist, excellent gardener and like Josh Jamison a passionate awesome Christian vs. the scary Pharisee kind! He and I have spent many fun hours yammering away here and at the jail, will be great to see him there after he visited here recently.

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