Thursday, August 22, 2013

I just pulled some errant ruellia seedlings from the narrow bed hugging the west side of my home, and scattered right atop the thin mulch layer old seeds of two forage rapes...Bonar in the south half, Pasja in the north half. Radar says rain might be here in a while from the south, I'll just let rains pound the seeds down into the crevices of the mulch. I don't usually direct sow brassicas until mid October, but what the heck as I have lots of seeds....will be interesting to see if the seeds are still viable, and, IF they germinate, how they fare in the humid heat. Who knows, I just MIGHT get an early start on winter greens! If they don't germinate in 7-10 days I have fresher brassica seeds I can use to repeat the experiment. I personally learn best as a gardener by trial and error.

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