Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When I moved back from Denver in late 2002 I discovered that my fifteen year absence from Tampa had reversed my immunity to oak pollen....very severe reaction including my first and last sinus infection. I know of no honeys that contain oak pollen in order to self administer a 30 day cure as I did with two other allergies in my 30s. But this incredible Chinese herbal tree did WONDERS for me and many people I've turned onto it. You can buy Magic 8 on-line or at Tampa's Oceanic Market. Like many dogs, my previous dog Sweety got a severe skin reaction from oak pollen....a bag of Magic 8 torn up and mixed into her stew did WONDERS for her too. A truly amazing blend of herbs. Despite the instructions, just two tea bags WEEKLY was all it took for both of us.

I like the taste but sometimes DO add lemon as they suggest on the box.

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