Wednesday, February 20, 2013

As I expected my first visit to The Dancing Goat and Pamela Martin Lunn was a delight. To simplify things I left Cracker at home and enjoyed the tour of her coops, barns, pastures, gardens and her cozy home, and took some pics....I wish I'd taken more! Her place is in many ways a goat sanctuary...they are never killed and sold or eaten...they lives out their lives there and when they die get a decent burial. Each has a name and due to all the attention Pam gives them they are very friendly...I enjoyed finding "itchy spots" on their heads just as I would a cat or dog. They have both pasture and stalls, with ceiling fans. Pam has oodles of chickens, many exotic breeds in large spacious coops..some were simply stunning birds with incredible plumage...she gave me fourteen eggs from ones that are BIG meat chickens were mature and so I am firing up the incubator today in hopes of hatching them. How nice to come home with a gallon of goat milk (!!!) and feta cheese, plus several feed bags and buckets and tubs filled with goat poop from very well fed animals. I gave Pam cuttings and tubers of perennial plants that are fast growing, super low care and low water needs....some edible for both people and livestock, one livestock only. My hope is to cut her feed costs while also giving her goats and horses and poultry more fresh live green plant matter for best health. What a wonderful day this has been

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