Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kenaf News

Yesterday the seeds of the 'Whitten' strain of kenaf arrived in the mail, kindly sent me by Koreen Brennan. I will be sharing some of them plus some of my 'Everglades 41' kenaf seeds so folks can test both as a likely new source of raw and cooked greens during summers here, plus a possible source of poultry food and biomass for sheet composting. Thanks Koreen!


  1. The variety I had did terribly this last summer - I'd like to try kenaf again, especially since it seems like a great way to build rapid biomass. Good luck!

  2. What type of kenaf did poorly for you?

    1. It was a random selection from the USDA seed bank - not sure it was a named cultivar. It grew about 5' tall, then blew over, then re-sprouted in a clump, then gave up without producing seed. Not nearly as tough as I thought they'd be. My Hibiscus sabdiffera totally outperformed them in terms of biomass.