Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is the perennial relative of kenaf that Josh Jamison gave me cuttings of at Andy's event in Arcadia that I had obsessed understanding then obtaining after learning about it this summer. Cracks me up though to see that it IS the "manihot" I saw and tasted at the New Orleans Botanic Gardens in 1998 when I gave a talk that year to the New Orleans Old Roses Society! To think that it took me from then to now to get my mind around it. Comparing this to my 'Everglades 41' kenaf next summer will be fun I am sure. Thanks again Josh!


  1. That's very cool. I've grown kenaf with little success (probably a bad cultivar) and Florida Cranberry (Hibiscus sabdifera) with great success. This looks like an all around upgrade on both, though, being perennial.

  2. Yes I am very hopeful about this perennial as people tell me it is very mild, tender and productive. Always fun to seek out and try new crops!