Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back when Mr. Duck was free range, after liking to be carried and petted for months, one day as I was picking vigna beans wearing only shorts and flip flops he came up behind me and attacked with INCREDIBLE ferocity, like a Velociraptor in Jurassic Park...I got a HUGE DEEP gash in one forearm and he kept doing a downward flap of his wings to get a few feet off the ground for each new attack, with his bill VERY specifically targeting my crotch!!! Finally I grabbed him by the neck, trimmed his wings and THREW him into my shed as I quickly turned the east bed into my first duck area. This new male seems to be 90% as mean. I'll not be attacked while picking Jamaican Cherries in my own gardens....I think I have been finally forced to "man up". Since I LOATHE buying factory farm meat I need to own the full integrity of raising my own meat animals, including killing them since they have great free range lives here and feast on yummy scraps from Wimauma Restaurant vs. gnarly GMO commercial feed.

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