Monday, October 1, 2012

Since the early 90s in Denver I've been peeing on my soil to add nitrogen, vitamins and trace elements, and of course to prevent all those wasteful flushes. For a few years I kept a wide mouth liquid detergent bottle by the toilet to slip my penis into, then would pour the urine where needed. But it can get smelly even in just a few hours, so for years now I pee directly onto my bananas, roses, chaya, grapes and other plants vs. on or in the veggie gardens per se'......I don't want folks to be afraid to eat my salads and nasturtiums! When I think of the thousands of times I've NOT wastefully flushed my pee away I am sure the water savings have been vast. Fresh human urine is sterile and poses NO disease spread risk unlike feces.... Give pee a chance!!

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