Friday, November 12, 2010

Edible Native Garlic Plants for Sale

If you love garlic and onions you must grow this relative of both called Allium canadense that is native from Canada all the way down to Florida. The flavor is much like a mix of garlic and scallions, and you can eat the leaves, bulbs and flower stalks that appear in spring. Often these stalks bear baby clones that can be cut off and planted, much in the manner of Walking Onions. It very much prefers boggy soil, so set the pot in a tray with an inch of water, or in a sunny wet area of your yard. The plant seems to die back in spring, with no sign of life all summer, then BOOM once the fall cool down arrives the shoots appear like crazy. The bulb itself also multiplies underground, so in a few months you will have a clump that can be divided. I have 10 plants in 1 gallon pots available for $5 each, along with other edible crops plants, on my Honor System plant sales tables out front; just slip your cash through the payment slot in my red office door on my front porch. My address is: 3212 West Paxton Avenue Tampa FL 33611 Thanks and happy gardening John

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