Friday, July 8, 2016

Many Florida gardeners grow cilantro in the cool months of winter as the plants are very short lived. But packets of seeds are so expensive, so since 2003 I've bought cellophane bags of coriander seeds at Asian stores to be used as a spice for 99 cents. But the last two winters I've gotten no germination....some folks tell me that imported spices are often irradiated. Since I need bulk coriander seeds to make a new batch of harissa I splurged at and for just over $14 I got 10 oz. of organic cilantro seeds from India, hoping they are viable. I will plant a shallow teaspoon of seeds in a small pot today to see if I can grow cilantro indoors as a summer annual as I use it in both Mexican and Thai foods, and Publix sells little bundles that are mostly stem for 99 cents. Here's hoping. John

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